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“Mama Omollo” is a bold Bongo Hip Hop track delivered by Tanzanian artist Rosa Ree. Rosa Ree, a prominent figure in the Tanzanian hip-hop scene, showcases her prowess in this song. The Bongo Hip Hop genre combines hip-hop elements with Tanzanian influences, and in this track, Rosa Ree adds her own flair to the mix.

The song takes the form of a diss track, aimed at Kenyan rapper Kaligraph Jones, also known as 254 Kaligraph Jones. Diss tracks are a common form of musical confrontation in the hip-hop world, and “Mama Omollo” is no exception. With assertive lyrics and a powerful flow, Rosa Ree engages in a lyrical battle with Kaligraph Jones, asserting her presence in the competitive realm of East African hip-hop.

The recent release of the song’s video provides fans with a visual representation of Rosa Ree’s lyrical prowess and the energy behind “Mama Omollo.” By downloading and watching the video, listeners can immerse themselves in the captivating world of Bongo Hip Hop and witness the unfolding of this cross-border musical exchange.

Artist : Rosa Ree
Song : Mama Omollo
Genre : Hip Hop
Released : Aug 27, 2023

Rosa Ree – Mama Omollo


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