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“KALI SIO JONES” is a strong Bongo Hip Hop song that addresses a rap feud. It’s aimed at the popular Kenyan rapper Kaligraph Jones from the 254 area. The song is a response to a rivalry, using powerful lyrics and rhymes to stand up against Kaligraph Jones. With its confident style and direct words, the song joins the rap battle arena.

In the world of Bongo Hip Hop, “KALI SIO JONES” shows the artist’s talent in writing clever rap verses. People can now listen to the song’s audio to hear the strong words and rhythm that define Bongo Hip Hop. By releasing “KALI SIO JONES,” the artist steps into the rap battle scene, using their skills to respond to Kaligraph Jones’s presence in the rap world.

With the audio of “KALI SIO JONES” available, fans and rap enthusiasts can enjoy the artist’s skill in delivering a strong reply. Click the link below to download and experience the intense back-and-forth of rap rivalries. “KALI SIO JONES” not only shows the artist’s ability to navigate the Bongo Hip Hop scene but also adds an element of competition and boldness to the world of rap, making it a must-listen for those who enjoy rap battles.

Artist : Songa
Song : Kali Sio Jones
Genre : Hip Hop
Released : Aug 24, 2023

Songa – Kali Sio Jones


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