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“Mama Omollo” is a compelling Bongo Hip Hop creation by Rosa Ree, a prominent Tanzanian hip-hop artist. This track makes waves within the Bongo Hip Hop genre and carries a powerful message. Serving as a dis track, “Mama Omollo” is directed towards the Kenyan rapper Kaligraph Jones, hailing from the 254 region. Through her lyrics, Rosa Ree delivers a no-holds-barred response, showcasing her lyrical prowess and firm stance in the rap scene.

Rosa Ree’s “Mama Omollo” boldly asserts her presence as a fierce contender in the Bongo Hip Hop scene. The song’s audio release allows listeners to engage with the impactful verses and confident delivery that Rosa Ree brings to the track. As she takes on Kaligraph Jones in this dis track, “Mama Omollo” reveals Rosa Ree’s determination to express herself fearlessly through her music.

With the audio of “Mama Omollo” now accessible, fans and hip-hop enthusiasts can delve into the intense back-and-forth of rap rivalries. By clicking the link below, listeners can download and immerse themselves in the fierce energy and spirited exchange showcased in the song. “Mama Omollo” not only underscores Rosa Ree’s prowess in Bongo Hip Hop but also adds an intriguing layer of competition and assertiveness to the genre, making it an engaging listen for those who appreciate rap battles and strong lyrical expressions.

Artist : Rosa Ree
Song : Mama Omollo
Genre : Hip Hop
Released : Aug 25, 2023

Rosa Ree – Mama Omollo


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