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“Weh Decide” is a song performed by Mejja, belonging to the Afrobeats genre of music. In this fresh track, Mejja explores the theme of making choices and taking control. 

The title “Weh Decide” originates from the Swahili term “Weh,” which translates to “you” or “you decide” in English. The song likely delves into the idea of being in charge of one’s own path and making important life decisions.

The Afrobeats genre is characterized by its blend of African rhythms, modern beats, and catchy melodies. It often incorporates elements from various African musical styles, creating an energetic and danceable sound that’s popular around the world.

Artist : Mejja
Song : Weh Decide
Genre : Afrobeats
Released : Aug 07, 2023

Mejja – Weh Decide


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