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“Pita Kule” is a captivating song brought to life by Jaivah in collaboration with Marioo, both prominent Bongo Fleva artists hailing from Tanzania. This melodious track revolves around the theme of maintaining distance from oneself and personal possessions. The song’s lyrics underscore the importance of giving space and allowing separation, alluding to a desire for solitude and independence. Set to the infectious beats of the Amapiano genre, “Pita Kule” seamlessly combines Tanzanian musical flair with the contemporary Amapiano style, creating a unique and catchy musical experience.

Jaivah and Marioo’s collaboration on “Pita Kule” showcases their musical prowess and ability to fuse different styles to create something fresh and engaging. The Amapiano influence adds an energetic and danceable vibe to the song, making it suitable for both listening pleasure and the dancefloor. By embracing the Amapiano trend while staying true to their Bongo Fleva roots, Jaivah and Marioo have crafted a song that resonates with a diverse audience and highlights their versatility as artists.

With the release of the audio for “Pita Kule,” listeners can now immerse themselves in the captivating world of Jaivah and Marioo’s musical collaboration. The song’s innovative blend of genres, combined with its relatable theme, makes it a must-listen for fans of both Bongo Fleva and Amapiano. To experience the enticing sounds of “Pita Kule,” you can click the link below to download the song and indulge in the dynamic partnership between Jaivah and Marioo.

Artist : Jaivah
Featuring : Marioo
Song : Pita Kule
Genre : Amapiano
Released : July 29, 2022

Jaivah Ft Marioo - Pita Kule


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