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“Kama Ikitokea” is a touching song by Benny Shizzol, a new Bongo Fleva artist from Tanzania. In this song, Benny talks about feeling heartbroken but still holding onto the hope that his lover will return someday. The song falls within the Bongo Fleva genre and tells a story of love, sadness, and the desire for a second chance.

As a new artist, Benny Shizzol’s “Kama Ikitokea” connects with anyone who has experienced heartbreak and wished for things to get better. The song’s release lets listeners feel Benny’s emotions and relate to his story. The song’s audio is available now, so fans and music lovers can listen and understand the feelings he expresses in the song.

With the audio of “Kama Ikitokea” out, fans can download and listen to Benny Shizzol’s emotional journey. Click the link below to hear the song and understand the mix of emotions he shares. “Kama Ikitokea” not only shows Benny Shizzol’s talent but also captures the common theme of heartbreak and hope in the Bongo Fleva style, making it a song worth hearing for those who enjoy heartfelt music.

Artist : Benny Shizzol
Song : Kama Ikitokea
Genre : Bongo Fleva
Released : July 08, 2023

Benny Shizzol – Kama Ikitokea


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