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Whozu Ft Billnass - Ameyatimba

“Ameyatimba” is a powerful collaboration between Whozu and Billnass, blending Amapiano and Bongo Flava. It tells a story of underestimation and its consequences. The song urges listeners to treat others with respect and empathy, as the underestimated can rise and prove their strength.

Through the fusion of Amapiano’s enchanting melodies and Bongo Flava’s emotive vocals, “Ameyatimba” captivates a diverse audience. It showcases the artists’ synergy and the transformative power of musical partnerships. The song’s message lingers, reminding us to appreciate the resilience in every individual.

Whozu and Billnass have crafted an unforgettable track that speaks to the heart. “Ameyatimba” serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of kindness and recognition in a world where underestimation can lead to profound consequences. Their collaboration stands as a testament to East African talent, resonating deeply with listeners worldwide.

Artist : Whozu
Featuring : Billnass
Song : Ameyatimba
Genre : Amapiano
Released : June 23, 2023

Whozu Ft Billnass – Ameyatimba


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